What's the problem with deep ploughing?

Ploughing can cause the development of plough-pans, soil compaction, is detrimental to the vertical burrowing of earthworms and damages the stratified layers of soil life that develops in an undisturbed soil. There has been a steady increase in ploughing depth with modern machinery.

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Environmental issues and alternatives - Ormonde

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Why must we stop our compost heaps going anaerobic?

There was an investigation into home composting in aerobic or anaerobic (aireless and wet) conditions. In aerobic conditions when oxygen is present only carbon dioxide is released. However, in anaerobic conditions the more potent methane and nitrous oxides are released.

Therefore one tonne of aerobic home-made compost releases 3.9kg CO2e whereas one tonne of anaerobic (airless and smelly) compost releases a three hundred and eighty five times increase at 1502kg CO2e. Consult the textbook Growing Green for best small-scale composting practice.